Best (grown-up) birthday party menu

Celebrate at home this year with a delicious (and easy) birthday dinner for six to eight people. Don’t forget the colourful streamers and pretty cake!



We don’t care how old you are, we think a birthday party should include colourful streamers, the prettiest cake and a gaggle of your best friends. A birthday must be celebrated! And while reservations at the hottest restaurant in town are lovely, a homemade birthday party with dancing and champagne can’t be beat. And with that in mind, we created the perfect birthday party menu that is a cinch to pull together and requires little prep, so you’ll be able to join in on the party and whip up behind-the-scenes culinary magic.


Gorgonzola-walnut toasts

Set out a plate of crunchy crostini with the cocktails to whet your guest’s appetite.

gorgonzola walnut toast appetizer










Gastown swizzle cocktail

Refreshing and bittersweet with a hint of lime, this cocktail will tease guest’s palates while dinner is cooking.

rum cocktail recipe, L'Abattoir Shaun Layton

Side dishes

Lemony rapini

This flavourful side is an easy make-ahead option, simply toss it in a pan to sauté when your main dish is ready.











Chunky sweet potato fries with herbed yogurt dip

Seasoned and roasted, these are guilt-free birthday fries – be sure to make extras!












Butterflied chili-lime chicken with roasted garlic

Roasted until crispy and golden, this chili-lime chicken has lots of flavour and is quick and easy to prepare. Be sure to pick up two birds.

There's nothing complicated about this contemporary take on roast chicken, yet it's bursting with flavour. Don't be surprised if you find yourself relying on this one week after week.












Cherry-vanilla cake

This lovely cherry-vanilla treat will pleasantly surprise party-goers; three layers, a strikingly pink marzipan icing, and some birthday sparklers will cap off your special dinner.

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  2. Thanks for your note and sorry you’re not happy with the new layout. We are working on the print button function and hope to have it working very soon.


  3. You must decide the birthday party menu according to the taste of teenage kids and the current weather conditions, because they would love to have plenty of ice creams and beverages, along with the different food items. 19th birthday ideas can be challenging, but it will also be an enjoyable moment to share the happiness of your growing child.


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