Chocolate superfood cupcake with marshmallow frosting

No one can resist our super-awesome chocolate muffins with a protein-packed vanilla marshmallow frosting from our January cover.

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Chocolate cupcake with marshmallow frosting

Chocolate cupcake with marshmallow frosting

Satisfy your sweet tooth—and your inner health nut—with our superfood cupcake. Inspired by a muffin we saw online (smart!) we tested it and love it. It’s full of all things good for you, like oats, flax, applesauce, Greek yogurt and, yes, a little antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Top it with our light and airy frosting, and it turns into a delectable dessert. Skip the icing and you’ve got a super-moist breakfast muffin. Anytime is the right time for this yummy, healthy treat!

Treat yourself to our super-awesome cupcake with vanilla marshmallow frosting.