What do men like women to wear?

It’s hard to put too much faith in the aesthetic preferences of a creature that considers Dockers and a golf shirt a good look.

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What kind of clothes do men like to see women wear? It’s not a question too many women want to ask out loud. For one, it seems so very uncool to care whether men like Uggs or not (psst: it turns out they don’t).  And two, it’s hard to put too much faith in the aesthetic preferences of a sex that considers the combination of Dockers and a golf shirt a good look.

And yet, an article on The Daily Mail website, which purported to offer expert advice on how to dress to please a potential suitor still piqued my interest (cut me some slack; it was late and there was nothing on TV).

So what do men like to see on their ladies? The colour red for one, so wear a red dress, red silk blouse, red hoodie or sew a scarlet letter on your blazer if you want to attract attention from a man, or so suggests the results of a study by researchers at the University of Rochester, reports The Daily Mail. Just try not to think about the reason why you’re wearing red and you’ll be fine. Experts hypothesize that the shade suggests the blush of sexual arousal — the colour acts as a visual ‘hubba-hubba’ so to speak — and men appear to feel that women wearing red will be more receptive to their clumsy advances.

Ladies looking for long-term relationships rather than short-term heartbreak might want keep their skin baring to a minimum, exposing only 40 percent of their flesh to potential amours, says a study by researchers at the University of Leeds. If however, you’re looking for a brief encounter with the creep of your choice, feel free to let both your hemline lift and neckline slide.

Another way to catch a man’s attention — ditch your jeans for a skirt and cinch that waistline with a belt. One study found that both men and women appear to find women who wore skirts more confident than women who wore pants, while another study found that men respond favourably to an hourglass shape (it’s apparently a sign of fertility).

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