How to remove a red wine stain: Advice from a butler

Known as “Charles the Butler,” Charles MacPherson is one of the few people who doesn’t panic when a glass starts to tip.

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1. Always keep the stain wet until it’s been successfully removed; if necessary soak in a pail of water until you can repeat.

2. Pour water or club soda on the stain.

3. Blot stain, from the outside working toward the middle, with a clean dry towel, absorbing as much liquid as possible.

4. Shake on salt to absorb the wine.

5. Repeat steps two through four until stain is out, then launder as normal.

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  1. I entered my subscription number and the site kept saying it was an invalid number. And I entered it 3 times and did not make a mistake. Help!


  2. I use Oxyclean – i put half a tsp in a shot glass, fill with water and microwave for ten seconds. dab on stain and watch it disappear. I’ve used it dozens of times on my cream microfiber dining chairs. (yes, a fool for love).


  3. I have been removing Red Wine Stains with Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol) since 1969. Even OLD stains. Check out their Helpful Hints section at the Stain Rx website. You should see what else it removes! Lipstick, mascara, pet and human messes…


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