YouTube your new makeup look

lauren luke

Our style intern Jessica gives the scoop on the latest beauty news:

Break away from your daily makeup routine! Dig up those eye shadows you bought on a whim but never use. Log onto Lauren Luke’s YouTube website and follow her step-by-step tutorials peppered with quirky personal anecdotes. Inspired by celebrity style, she recreates looks from music videos, red carpet appearances and tabloid pictures. My personal favourites include: Rihanna & Angelina Jolie’s cat eyeliner, Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love” dramatic eyes (her most viewed video ever) and the almost unfeasible “everyday’ Lady Gaga makeup. Luke also makes videos to cover the basics’from covering dark circles to lessons on brushes. Her northern English accent answers all your makeup questions but if she’s left something out, she encourages you to email her at

Since launching her YouTube channel in June 2007, Luke has written two books, her own Nintendo DS game and designed make-up kits for Sephora that have, of course, tutorials to go along with the palettes. Last week, she finished up a road trip of the U.S., from Miami to LA – see what her friends think of her makeup line and to get their ideas on new looks and products. The By Lauren Luke kits are available at Sephora and her website. Her books can be found on but her DS game is only available in Europe. The best deal around, though, are her YouTube tutorials which are only a click away’they cost nothing more than time and a little imagination.

‘ Jessica Bloom