Your gym beauty routine

evian dove biore dry shampoo
I know what you’re thinking. Is Kate suggesting that we wear makeup while working out? Au contraire mes amis. With all of this new year, new you business going about the gym is busier than ever. So if your resolution is to tone up or simply get more energy I’m with you! But there are many beauty hazards to working out such as sweating, greasy hair, etc. Here are a few amazing products you can throw in your gym bag that will make you look just a little fresher after a quick workout.

Dry Shampoo- If you only drop in to the gym for a some quick weight training spritz your hair with dry shampoo afterwards to refresh your locks. If you aren’t a big overheater  you can likely revamp your style with a speedy blow dry and one of these. Try Klorane‘s or Frederic Fekkai’s.

Makeup Wipes- Whether you want to clean up your makeup before or after your workout (my general recommendation is to work up a sweat with no makeup on at all if you can) then try ones from The Body Shop, Olay or Biore to give your skin that quick clean without a full out wash up. Or try face pads with salicylic acid to kill bacteria and clear up the skin. They’ll banish acne so you can swipe them on your back, chest and face. (Just be aware, they can be drying!)

Deoderant- Degree and Dove have some sweet smelling options that actually work and are gentle on sensitive underarm skin.

Face Spritzers ‘ If you want a quick and simple refresh without a full-on shower try a water spray that contains minerals and vitamins to freshen up the skin. Try Evian‘s Mineral Water Spray to revive your face and remove any excess makeup or perspiration. Mini shampoos, conditioners and face washes – Many brands from Dermalogica (mini face products) to Kiss My Face have these. Next time you hit a hotel take their free sample bottles with you. They’re perfect for the gym and you can refill them with your favourites from home. So go work up a sweat!

– Kate Daley