Your guide to perfect lingerie

It's what's underneath that counts

Why do some women always look so well put together? Sure, they have style, but they’re also likely wearing the right lingerie. The right bra, panties and support garments make all the difference in how your clothes fit and look—and also how comfortable and confident you feel. Unsupportive bras, slipping straps, and visible panty lines will be a thing of the past with these fitting tips.

Body works

If you have a:

Small chest
Look for a demi-style bra that’s a horizontal-shaped half-cup and covers just over your nipple. They provide a subtle, natural boost with either no or light padding. If you want a bigger boost, add up to a full cup size with either a seamless, padded and molded bra or a style with removable gel inserts.

Big bust
Stick to bra styles that have a fuller-cut cup with wide, no-dig straps and substantial underwires. For more support try a seamless minimizer that smoothes and shapes your chest while reducing your bust size up to one full cup.

Thick tummy
For comfortable, light shaping try microfibre and spandex high-waisted briefs. If you’re wearing body-hugging clothes, get a total tuck with a one-piece brieflette—a body-suit style bra and panty that shapes your entire middle.

Bigger bottom
Avoid panty lines by shaping and lifting your bum with seam-free shorts. Or streamline your silhouette from waist to knees with minimizing, seam-free leggings.