World AIDS Day

At this time of year it’s easy to lose perspective. So here we have it. Today is World AIDS Day, a day that brings awareness to a virus that affects millions of children, babies, mothers, fathers and grandmothers. You heard me, millions. But it’s far from a hopeless cause. Consider donating your air miles to the Stephen Lewis Foundation today and check out his latest message. And read his book A Race Against Time while you’re at it! Or get involved in many of the World AIDS Day activities in your area and read up on the latest news at UNAIDS. And you can make a little contribution at your local Kiehl’s store.

Check out their Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, that supports HIV/AIDS charities across the world and initiatives in Canada such as the Canadian AIDS Society. Over $1,000,000 has been committed to the cause through customer contributions since 1996. A high quality hand cream and funding AIDS awareness and research ‘ I’d stock up on these if I were you. Give it as a stocking stuffer to the socially conscious or keep it to treat your own dry hands. With the winter coming, stockpiling isn’t so crazy. Look out for the package with the red ribbon. And remind your friends and family to donate to their local AIDS organization while you’re at it.

– Kate Daley