"Women dress for other women"

So my Dad has this theory that women don’t dress to impress men, they dress to impress other women. Growing up, I used to think this was ridiculous but now I totally understand what he means. I don’t don my best to impress men –  I wear what I like in hopes of impressing my other fashion-savvy friends and it usually barely crosses my mind that guys might not “get it”.  (Come on ladies, how many times has your husband insulted you by mistake while trying to compliment you?!) I think this is mostly because many men don’t really understand fashion trends. (This is a huge generalization, I know.)   My friend Phil really hit this point home with me this weekend. As we were walking along Queen Street West among all the trendy hipsters  he asked, “Why do girls wear such big sunglasses? Is it so you can’t see their faces? It makes me wonder what they’re trying to hide.” We both had a good laugh about it. Really? That’s what the average guy thinks about this trendy accessory?  I love my pair because they are stylish and fun. But apparently men don’t take notice of fashion trends and just think we look weird.  Take all of the the trendy, en vogue outfits for fall. Big baggy trousers, boyfriend blazers, and oversized, ripped boyfriend jeans. None of these show off your curves and apparently most men aren’t big fans.Why would a woman wear something that hides her figure?  Guess what was the number one trend hated by men this season? Apparently it was gladiator sandals. Ooops. I have four pairs.  Don’t you just love these?  In conclusion, whether you’re going on a date or just dressing up for the office, wear whatever makes you feel good. Even if your boyfriend/husband/brother/guy friends think it looks ridiculous. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so play away. I’ll go back to my closet in hopes of impressing fashionistas, and myself. –Kate Daley