Winter Beauty Guide

Get tips for looking your best all season long

Winter skin dos
• Try richer cleansing and moisturizing creams daily and apply a nourishing mask every second night
• A concentrated serum topped by a night cream helps battle dryness. Make sure you give the serum 15 minutes to soak in
• AHAs and BHAs exfoliate skin and allow moisturizers to better penetrate
• Buy skin care products that contain super moisturizers like urea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, soy, sodium hyaluronate or shea butter
• Silicone in moisturizers helps trap moisture next to your skin
• Cover up red patches with a foundation that’s perfect for your skin

Winter skin don’ts
• Avoid products that contain ingredients like fragrances and lanolin, which may irritate already dry and sensitive skin
• Steer clear of moisturizers with mineral oil. They often clog pores
• Cut down on those steamy hot baths. Soaking in warm water may feel therapeutic but it actually draws moisture out of your skin
• Pack away your deodorant body soaps. They leave parched skin tight and irritated
• Use abrasive scrubs sparingly. They work well on hard dry patches like elbows and heels but are too rough on the rest of your body

Winter hair care
• Apply a deep conditioner every second day and a hot oil treatment weekly to help control static and make hair look glossy
• Apply extra conditioner on the ends of your hair and cut back on heated styling to prevent further dryness