Who, What, Wear launches a style book

who,what, wear book

I’ve signed up for newsletters from a lot of style and beauty websites. Normally, about a week after I have to go and unsubscribe because I’m annoyed and uninterested in the content they send my way.

But my Who, What,Wear emails always make me happy. I’ll be having a hectic day with 100 emails coming my way but when this one pops up I always take a second to check it out.

The style blog, started by former Elle editor Katherine Power and magazine freelancer Hillary Kerr, was created because the girls wanted to know what designers the celebs were wearing, from the big nights out to just walking down the street. Their site has info about who is wearing what, and where (hence the name) instead of just celebrity-based gossip. I love it for that reason – yeah it’s cool to know who is hooking up with who – but what I really want to know is whose designs they are wearing and how they styled it. That’s why this site is great – it breaks down all the latest trends in fashion and beauty and it even has TV tab where you can watch the experts break down how to wear new trends.

And now for the true fans (myself included) you can pick up the Who,What,Wear book. It will give you advice on what to wear for your next date or cocktail party and how to snag Rihanna’s style and make it your own. Get your copy now.

– Kate Daley