Which kind of Barbie are you?

fashionista barbie

Yes, you can finally find a Barbie that suits you best. To kick off their fashion week launch I was sent a quiz to help me decide and guess which one was me? Glam Barbie! Yesss. I was very excited. Glam Barbie is described as: romantic and glamorous with a retro-inspired feel. I wish!

But I was psyched that I got to have my very own Barbie doll and have even displayed her lovingly on my vanity. How girly is that?

And now if you love Barbie (or even if you weren’t into dolls as a child, myself case in point) you can find your own Fashionista Barbie from their new collection and keep it for yourself or gift it to your niece or daughter. Check out the personality types from cutie, wild, artsy, girly or sassy on the site

My glam Barbie. In stores now for $14.

Or buy your own Barbie clothes in real life from the Barbie by David Dixon line at The Bay. I love the concept and with Barbie having just turned 50 it’s interesting to see her still evolving and making her mark on the fashion world. Guess what? She even has a music video and Thriller style dance.

– Kate Daley