What's your Skin ID?

skin id1

Looking for the solution to your bad skin? Look no further. Instead of trying and testing every brand out there, Neutrogena has come up with a personalized system that will tell you exactly what to do to treat your skin. It’s called Skin ID and it’s all done online!

How does it work? First you go on the site and answer a series of questions that will help them figure out which system is best for you. There are questions about your lifestyle and skin issues with illustrated pictures so that you can really see what type of skin you have. (It’s a little gross to identify which acne picture best suits you but I must admit it really helps!)

Then you’ll be given an ID number and they will send you all of the active ingredients in 3 products to treat your specific issues. There are 25 possible systems so there are plenty of options for your skin type. Then they send them right to your home so you don’t have to wander the aisles of your local stores searching for the right products.

The quiz is free but signing up to get the products is worth a shot! The system has been successful in the US for a while and is now finally available in Canada which is super exciting. Test it out and if you aren’t happy you’ll get all your cash back. And when you sign up you get access to dermatologists who will personally answer any queries you might have about the products. Plus you get a bonus travel bag. Given the quality of Neutrogena’s other lines I think this one will be a big hit.

Find all of the info on their site at

– Kate Daley