Whatever gets you through the day...

mondor marcelle hydra c le prisme again! visage armani lip wax YSL's gloss volupte sigg bloch london flats
I was humming the John Lennon tune “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” and thought I’d share a few of the things that get me through the days and nights during Fashion Week here in Toronto. You don’t need to be living off of crackers in the fashion week tents to use these tips. If you have a tough week coming up these tips will help! FLATS Oh dear God, you need flats if you’re going to be running your buns off all over the city. Lou Lou’s market editor Liv Judd (we hang a lot) and myself are obsessed with Bloch London‘s comfy flats. They are dressy enough to wear to an event but if you want to bring along some heels you can easily fold these into your bag because they are soft and flexible. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES I won’t leave home without my Sigg. Environmentally friendly and it allows you to drink sweet, sweet flouride rich Toronto tap water.    LIPSTICK AND LIPGLOSS Oh how I love my new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte. It’s a glossy lip colour that looks like a lipstick but goes on like a gloss and it gives your lips just the right hint of colour. Or if I’m really in the mood for a stained lip I’ll break out my Armani Lip Wax. It didn’t win in our beauty 100 for nothin’! I feel like I’m on Twilight when I wear it. Such vampire-y goodness.   FACE POWDER Givenchy‘s Le Prisme Again! Visage Soft Compact Face Powder Quartet in Peach is my go-to shade for a bit of matte and radiance.   FACE CREAM Marcelle‘s Hydra C 24 Hour Moisturizing Gel Cream gets my tired skin moisturized in seconds. It also won in our beauty 100 and I literally can’t give it up. If you ever need moisture this is where it’s at. TIGHTS Mondor‘s  Influence Bamboo tights are thick enough to be opaque (so you don’t show off your buns to anyone while sitting in a short skirt) and are warm and toasty as well without being restrictive at the waist. Goodness knows when you’re living of salty foods and granola bars that you’ll need some stretchy tights. – Kate Daley