Weekly steal: Cutest Daschund Umbrella

Brighten up a rainy spring day and be prepared for any inclement weather with this adorable umbrella.

Daschund Walking Stick Umbrella

What it is: Daschund Walking Stick Umbrella in Blue, $42, eLUXE

How to wear it: One part (wo)man’s best friend, one part rain-repeller, this adorable umbrella is the perfect companion for a grey and wet day. Pair it with a solid coloured slicker and some chic galoshes and you will be singing in the rain, in style!

Why I love it: My mini hotdog, Pickles, is a fair-weather walker and most famous for putting the breaks on a walk at the first sign of rain. I love this umbrella because it provides enough shelter for the both of us and keeps our cuteness factor at an all-time high!