Weekend style

Weekend style: Surfer chic

Surf culture has spilled over to the mainstream and whether you’re catching a wave or just hanging, these rash guards are making a splash in our beach wear.

J. Crew

J. Crew’s Pret-a-Surf style

I often have dreams of moving to the coast and catching waves all day, but with limited surf skills – unless you count reciting lines from Point Break? – I’ve drowned this fleeting idea.

Good news for us surfer wannabes: surf culture has spilled over to the mainstream and J. Crew’s Pret-a-Surf capsule collection strikes the perfect cord of function (quick-drying) and fashion (bright colours and prints). Bonus: If you don’t want to expose your mid-section, these rash guards are the perfect way to cover up while looking sporty. Then add another athletic accessory – a baseball cap – to complete the look while protecting your face.

I’ll be wearing my guard in a vibrant colour with a bikini bottom to the cottage and beach, and then with distressed denim and sandals when I’m not hanging ten.