Weekend style

Weekend style: Canadian summer camp

All grown up but feeling nostalgic for the dog days of summer camp? At least you can dress the part!

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

Summer is synonymous with camp and although I’m all grown up, the look and feel of camp gear still gets me all nostalgic. Borrow from the campers by wearing a pair of jean shorts (make your own by cutting a pair of rarely worn jeans to your desired length) with a classic pair of Converse kicks, and a printed blouse or baseball tee. For an extra touch of authenticity, tie a light fleece sweatshirt around your hips.

This is the perfect laid-back look to wear to an outdoor summer festival or if you’re on a city tour. Hey, you can even wear it camping, or if you’ve graduated to glamping (like me), this look still suggests you’re “roughing it.”