Trendspotting: Exbellishments

From frocks to footwear, exquisite embellishments swept the runways during the fall fashion shows. Try the look yourself with beads, feathers and fringes

Sam Edelman shoes, fashion, style

Sam Edelman shoes, the Bay

Dress, fashion, style

Dress, French Connection

Moon skirt, fashion, style

Moon skirt, the Bay

Majique necklace, fashion, style

Majique necklace, the Bay

Exquisite embellishments swept the runways during the fall fashion shows: Beads, feathers and fringes dangled off everything from sheath dresses to tuxedo-inspired blazers and sky-high heels. Classic add-ons like studs and sequins met their match in textured flowers and even seashells (courtesy of Roberto Cavalli). If you’re notready for head-to-toe eclectic chic (or to look like Helena Bonham Carter), go for a necklace or headband to make a statement with your favourite LBD. As Toronto rapper Drake would say, “You fancy, huh!”

Majique necklace, $98, The Bay.

Moon skirt, $89, The Bay.

Dress, $228, French Connection.

Sam Edelman shoes, $295, The Bay.