Time wasted or time well spent?

How many hours a day do you think you spend picking out what to wear? Apparently more than you think. According to a recent article in The Telegraph, women spend almost one year of their lives picking out what to wear…. Or if you’re a stylist or fashion editor you probably spend about half your life trying to figure out what to tell other people to wear. Ha.   Oddly enough I’m not that dismayed by this fact. In the article, it stated that experts said the average women spends 16 minutes every weekday morning deciding what to wear. Really? Sometimes I spend more – and imagine the time and energy spent on weekend or date outfits? Countless, countless hours. But of course there are the 5 minute weekend days where you couldn’t care less. Those probably bring down your numbers right? But feeling good the entire day, confidently knowing that you’ve picked something that makes you happy, is definitely time well spent. Ever left the house in a rush, ala the charmingly inept Bridget Jones, only to feel frumpy and unfashionable the entire day? Done it many a time and always regretted it. Don’t fret. People wholly underestimate the difference fashion can make in one’s life. (Funnily enough it never fails to be the I-don’t-care-how-I-look-days when there are fabulous impromptu plans to be had.) So spend the night before picking out your favourite duds or if you’re lucky enough to have an organized closet (and mind) you could hang your outfits on Sunday for the entire week. But that would probably take up a good hour and then you’d still be spending precious hours on your wardrobe. Now if they started counting up hours spent shopping I’d be in trouble. –Kate Daley

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