Tiffany's new jewellery: the key to more women's hearts

Having been a fly on the wall for more than 15 years in the fashion and beauty business has allowed me sneak peeks into worlds I might not otherwise have been privy: I’ve sat in a little golden chair to watch the couture shows in Paris, ate and slept at some of the best restaurants and hotels in New York and tried on some of the world’s most exquisite jewellery. (The experience has left me with a ridiculous and completely out-of-touch fondness for oversized yellow diamonds, too. But that’s for another life.)

Which brings me to Tiffany’s. Even though the retailer is exceptional at creating and bringing some of the most extravagant and gem-encrusted jewels to reality, it has also proved masterful at crafting trinkets for the masses. Make that the upper-masses.

Its ubiquitous i.d. bracelets, Somerset mesh and silver bead collections offer terrific designs that can be worn every day. And at prices that aren’t fit just for princesses.

Add to that array Tiffany’s new Keys, a collection of pendants that come inspired by the company’s extensive achives. They come simple and streamlined in sterling silver or intricately carved in 18-karat gold and lavishly encrusted with diamonds. They’re an indulgence, yes, but in this day and age, if you’re labouring over a gift or want to celebrate one of your own particular achievements, investing in that little blue box and the high-quality bauble inside seems to make good timeless sense.

From $260’$8,000. Call 1-800-265-1251 or go to


— Deborah Fulsang