Tiffany Engagement Ring iPhone App

tiffany's app
What girl doesn’t love drooling over Tiffany engagement rings? You don’t need to be getting ready for your nuptials to enjoy a good gander at some diamonds. And now you can do ogle them anywhere as Tiffany’s goes mobile.

Check out the newest app for the iPhone – the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder. It allows you to select the perfect diamond for you (round diamond platinum band – just sayin’). 

The app has an accurate ring sizer (which I know a LOT of men could use) and you can browse all of the different settings, designs, metals and can even zoom in and send them to your friends/family. And set up an appointment at the store. Check out the application here.

And you can watch a youTube video online on how to use it!


– Kate Daley

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