The latest skincare technology: Temptu Airbrushing

temptu system

Airbrushing on your makeup sounds a bit extreme, I know. It’s used on celebrities on movie sets to give them flawless complexions and by professionals to get that natural HD worthy glow. So why do you need it?

Because I tried and tested it myself and I think it’s pretty awesome for the average woman as well. Let me explain. My first thought when I heard about this makeup products was the Simpson’s episode where Homer invents a makeup gun. “Dad, women won’t like being shot in the face,” says Lisa. Correct, but this is more of a light misting. Also, please watch the clip linked above – it’s one of my favourites.

So once I got beyond my initial fears of makeup gun-like application, I figured I’d give it a go and got the chance at Sephora‘s fall preview in the fabulous new Thompson Hotel in Toronto. In a lot of very bright natural light on their fabulous rooftop I let a Temptu pro mist my face with this newest in foundation technology. The results were super natural and our online editor who tried it out also had similarly amazing results. The kit is easy to use – you can apply it as a light dusting like a tinted moisturizer for minimal coverage or apply it precisely on spots in a concentrated misting to cover up any redness. Stick with just your foundation or try a highlighter and a blush. You buy the formulas in little pods and then just attach the correct pod to the gun, plug it in and go. My only qualm about this technology is the fear that the man I’m dating will catch a glimpse and think, “That’s how she applies her makeup?”. Scary thought. But the results are fab enough that who cares! But regardless, I plan to keep this puppy in a cupboard for special occasions.  Find more info on their site here and buy it exclusively at Sephora or on! (It’s a best-seller just so you know.)

– Kate Daley