The Bachelorette rocks Canadian fashion

So I’m kind of a bit obsessed with The Bachelorette. As embarassing as it is to admit, I’ve actually cancelled plans to watch the popular Citytv show. And when I’m not distracted by how many attractive men she’s kissing (really, five in one episode is kind of unsanitary) I’m scoping out her cute Canadian duds. A big portion of the show was filmed in Vancouver and bachelorette Jillian Harris dons many styles that I recognize. I’ve had this discussion with a lot of fans – is she picking her own clothes or does she have a Canadian stylist? I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of both but an Aritzia spokesperson also said Jillian has been a long-time customer. Here are a few examples of her fun wares:  

  At the curling match Harris snuggled up in a Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games hoodie. Available at Vancouver-based chain Aritzia, the sweater is part of their new venture- Park Life for Aritzia, picked by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as an Official Licensee. The full collection (that mixes technical and sustainable threads) will be in stores in this fall.    On a recent jaunt into my local Queen Street West Aritizia store, I noticed a sign at the desk saying this sweater was on order so clearly this baby is going fast. (Plus, it only costs $85!)  

These TNA hoodies worn by Jillian on the show are also available at Aritzia.

Also, did anyone else notice the ombre Lululemon tank when she wore while ziplining with Ed? Yup, on the hunt for that one! Love the show but could never do what she does. I have no doubt the awkward level would be through the roof. (But I like Jesse the best thus far. He works a winery, is good at curling and has great style. What more could she ask for?) Check it out tonight at 8 p.m. and let me know which ones were your favourite styles. –Kate Daley