Flip flops are a summer staple. They’re quick, easy and you can usually throw them on to run errands or flop around the poolside. But they don’t have to be casual, nor do they have to be so plain and simple. Enter Switchflops. Designed by Lindsay Phillips, as part of a high school art project, the shoes started as a small concept using Velcro straps, and have morphed from retailing at four stores in the States to retailing at over 3,200 worldwide. So what are they? They are flip flops with interchangeable Velcro designs for the straps that you can switch up whenever you want a different look. It was quite a unique idea that I hadn’t thought of, nor did I fully comprehend until I saw a sample of her shoes and got the rundown.Check out this YouTube video to see Lindsay explain her concept. The tag line is “change your look, not your sole.” And it makes sense. They come with kids versions as well that are so unbelievably cute if I had a child I would totally make them wear matching shoes with me. Yup, I’m going to be that mom. Kids would love these as a gift, but also they have additional polka dot and floral styles that are great for adults as well. The Switchflops come in a basic flat ($50), wedge ($55) and kitten heel ($72). Check out their website for Canadian stores or try the Only Accessories website.

– Kate Daley