Swarovski jewels bring out Naomi Watts

Last Tuesday, Naomi Watts, Jimmy Smits, and Kerry Washington made an appearance at the Swarovksi store on Bloor Street before the premiere of their new movie Mother and Child. I was psyched to see Smits in person (I’ll always picture him as one of my favourite cops on NYPD Blue) and Washington walked right in and said hello to me with no celebrity air about her.

Kerry Washington (left) and Naomi Watts (right). And of course we must discuss Naomi Watts. She looked gorgeous with her short wavy crop of blond hair and was much smaller than I had envisioned. Of course almost every movie star is shrunken in person (except for Jimmy Smits who is HUGE) but Watts was shockingly petite. Imagine what a normal person would look like if she looks regular-sized onscreen? Scary.

I digress. So while we got the chance to rub elbows with the celebs we also got a chance to check out their fabulous clothing. I’m happy to say that Watts was wearing an amazing black jumpsuit and black and gold heels. (Yessss, the jumpsuit really is back. I just bought a massively overpriced black one and seeing her look so fabulous in it has helped make my decision to keep it.) Rumour has it that the jumpsuit is by Stella McCartney, the new queen of jumpsuits.

I’m also pretty obsessed with her shoes. They had a gold metal heel and were unique but still formal. Perhaps this outfit was a fashion risk ‘ she could have gone for a typical red carpet gown ‘ but I thought she looked stunning. And while we were there I got to peruse the latest Swarovski baubles. Yes, I love shiny things. They have some huge blingin’ cocktail rings that I’m saving up for. 

– Kate Daley

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