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TIFF might be over but we’re still swooning over all the great swag the celebs walked away with. But as much as TIFF is about excess, glitter and glam there was one swag lounge that decided to give back. The IT Lounge at the Windsor Arms Hotel showcased exciting and innovative new products to gift to celebs while giving back to charitable causes. Here’s a few of our favs: Kiehl’s  One of my favourite brands and a definite favourite of celebs (Brad Pitt created a hand wash for them!) Kiehl’s was gifting out great treats from their new Acai line and some of their staples. Stars can pick up the new Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist for a nice spritz of antioxidants after a dehydrating plane ride or celebs can swipe on the infamous lip balm in three sweet flavours. Kiehl’s is supporting Camp Oochigeas, a camp for kids battling cancer, and they are contributing to a new recreation centre in the Toronto. 

Fila The sport brand hasn’t been on my radar for the last little bit but it definitely is now. They’ve launched a new winter jacket for ladies and check out this funky footwear. What a great throwback. And for every celeb to visit the lounge they’ll donate a fitness pack to one of ParticipACTION’s youth physical programs.

Goody No celebrity treatment would be complete without some great hair accessories. I’m a sucker for new hair wear and Goody’s new Ouchless Flex headband caught my eye. They don’t snap even if you twist them and they have bendable rubber tips on either side so you can literally mold them to your noggin. It’s an easy way to switch up your hairstyle or extend your blow out another day. Goody is also sponsoring Girls on the Run, an organization that encourages preteen girls to get active.

J. Rox A Toronto designer made her way into the celebrity swag lounge as well. Jane Apor of J. Rox Originals created a bracelet to be sold this month called the Ooch Bracelet with all proceeds going towards Camp Oochigeas as well. Purchase them at Finn Boutique in Yorkville or check out her semi-precious stones online.

– Kate Daley