Five super-hydrating skin savers for dry skin

It's dry skin season! Heal, protect, scrub, mask and soothe your way through by arming yourself with these essentials.

No one really likes this in-between time of year: freezing cold some days, balmy with sunshine other days. Nothing is predictable, least of all our skin. Here are five skin-saving products to help regulate your complexion, regardless of how the weather is behaving outside.

1.  A healing facial oil Aveda Lavender Fleurs Oil
When it’s cold outside, we turn up the heat inside and layer on the clothes. When temperatures thaw, we open the windows and bare what we dare. More often than not, this indecisiveness leaves our skin flip-flopping between dehydration and overexposure. “It’s a two-fold problem,” affirms Ella Nunes, the founder of Canadian organic skincare line, Ella’s Botanicals. One she believes can be combat with lavender. “Lavender essential oil is amazing because it has so many therapeutic properties,” explains Nunes. Thanks to its regenerative and antibacterial properties, smoothing the essential oil onto clean skin can: “soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and help heal damaged tissue.”Try: Aveda Lavender Fleurs Oil, $17, Aveda.

2. A protective facial balm

Ella's Lavender Bliss Magic Balm

Ahh, the little known and frequently underrated hero of skin care: the facial balm. Thicker and richer than a facial cream, balms predominantly consist of oils, butters and wax and often have the same look and feel as a clear deodorant. “Traditionally, balms contain no water,” explains Nunes. Applied to the skin, “they help to create a protective barrier against the elements due to their waxy nature,” so are perfect for outdoor and indoor wear. Massaged across parched cheeks and tender spots and you’ll also feel simultaneously soothed and pampered.

Try: Ella’s Botanicals Magic Balm in Lavender Bliss, $15, Ella’s Botanicals

3. A gentle face scrub

Pretty Rose Petal & Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Grains
You may think that exfoliation would be a no-no this time of year, but it’s actually one of the best practices to integrate into your daily routine. “Our skin needs exfoliation in order to remove the dead skin cells and avoid dry skin-cell buildup,” explains Nunes. “Not exfoliating dead skin cells regularly can lead to both scaly skin and clogged pores.” Look for scrubs containing soft and non-abrasive ingredients, like: rose petals, rice flakes and organic oatmeal as they are geared for sensitive skin and can help improve circulation and remove impurities without irritating your face.

Try: Pretty Cosmetics Rose Petal & Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Grains, $20, Pretty Natural Skin

4. A hydrating mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Like the rest of your body, your facial skin needs its beauty sleep to help repair, rejuvenate and ramp up for the next day. So applying a night-time mask once a week to increase your dermis’ level of hydration just makes good sense. “Facial masks allow the skin to absorb nutrients at a deeper level,” says Nunes. They also help to protect against the dry heat blasting through our homes and “robbing our skin of vital moisture.”

Try: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, $36, Murale

 5. A soothing face cream 

Aveeno Ultra-Calming

Using a moisturizer with soothing and calming benefits each day can help balance your skin fluctuations.  “For some people, dry skin also becomes itchy so it’s important to keep it hydrated,” says Nunes. Make sure to choose a face cream: labeled for sensitive skin, so that its ingredients won’t aggravate your dermis; and containing an SPF, to prevent redness and sun damage.

Try: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, $20, drugstores across Canada.