Summer's officially here with Joe Fresh

joe fresh dress swimsuit
Summer is officially here. And with this lovely season comes the hunt for the perfect summer bathing suit. It’s easy to fall back on your old number from last year but definitely not as fun. But I have faith there’s fresher and better! Joe Fresh has answered my calls once again. If you’re like me you go through bathing suits like they’re going out of style (which they usually are) so I don’t like to spend a ton of cash on something that will likely only last me one season. Check out the site and the store for some great colourful bikinis. For full-coverage try this one. The ruching is so figure-flattering!

And for a fun beach coverup these dresses are my go-to. There are a few patterns in this cut and it works for the beach or weekend because it’s light without being overly revealing.

These are also perfect for formal events with a belt. Check it out at your local store.

– Kate Daley