Stretch Mark Cure

jamieson bio oil
I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about stretch marks, especially as bathing suit season approaches (for those of us going on vacation). So I thought I’d share some info about the best-selling skincare product, Bio-Oil.

Coming out in a new 200 ml size, this oil helps to diminish stretch marks, burns and scars with Vitamins A and E, lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile oils. It also has PurCellin Oil which is similar to the oil that ducks make to keep their feathers healthy and shiny – though this replica is created in a lab. This oil helps your skin absorb the ingredients in the formula much faster so the look of your skin will improve dramatically.

If you’re not ready to jump on the Bio-Oil bandwagon, another great option is Jamieson’s ProVitamina 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil.

And of course, slather on a high SPF when outside in a bathing suit – stretch marks can become more evident if you’re tanned because they don’t change colour like the rest of your skin.

Find Bio-Oil at your local drugstore, $13 for 60 ml and $22 for 125 ml. Visit visit . Or visit Jamieson‘s website for the latest on their skincare.

– Kate Daley