Spring colour

Spring is almost here. I swear. And we feel your pain. Everyone I know wants a little lift right now. The top requests I hear are:

– a vacation in a hot climate

– a new hairstyle

– a bright new dress 

We’re all getting antsy to bust out of our winter gear. Take a peek above at the great colours for spring from the Winner’s spring fashion preview. It’s a kaleidoscope of shades and we can’t wait to experiment.

Lucky for us, spring merch is already hitting stores so get out there and get out of your winter slump! Even if you still have to don your boots and hat to get there. If you can’t justify the spend right now, at least try some fun stuff on right now and get inspired. Then make your shopping list out and plan what you can and can’t afford this season. That’s my plan. Remember, you never want to go grocery shopping if you’re hungry. The rule applies to cookies as well as clothes.

– Kate Daley