Smokey eyes: Always sexy

Smokey eyes made sexy and simple


Fashion’s smokey-eyed look doesn’t seem to wane. Not that you necessarily want to work this dramatic look during the day – your coworkers might be sidetracked by your makeup rather than your presentation, which is never a good thing – but it’s great for evenings or parties.

And despite what some might think, it’s not difficult. Honest.

For a great video on how to make your peepers their smokiest best, check out Canadian-born makeup artist Beau Nelson’s Beaute Cosmetics website: He makes it look so easy.

So assemble a triple-shadow palette or a quad — you’ll need three shades in your chosen colour, whether blues, greys, browns or even purples or greens will work — an eyeliner and mascara.

Here, your step-by-step to sultry eyes.

1. Curl your lashes.

2. Line your upper lash line with as close as possible to the lashes. And don’t worry: It doesn’t have to be neat.

2. With a liner makeup brush or smudge brush, brush your darkest shade on over that line. The powder will set the liner so it won’t smudge where you don’t want it to.

3. Pat your medium-coloured shadow onto your lids. And again, it doesn’t have to be super-neat as you’ll be blending it all together soon.

4. Take your lightest eyeshadow shade on a fluffy eyeshadow blender brush. Open your eye part way (this is Nelson’s trick and he explains it so well in his video) and blend the shadow into your crease. When you think you’re done, blend it a little more to make sure that no lines remain between your light and medium shadows.

4. Brush a bit of your medium shade carefully onto your lower lash line with the smudge brush. Don’t go more than half way to the inner eye.

5. Apply one or two coats of your favourite mascara in black and ta-da!

You’re ready for your closeup.