Five steps to building your best skincare routine

For day and night, use this regime to achieve your best skin.

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Washing and moisturizing your face is good. Coddling your complexion with a few extra products like a gentle toner, a slick serum and a hydrating eye-cream is better. Do it twice a day and your skin will feel amazing. Plus, it’ll look healthier and younger. Chances are you’re already using a face wash, and a day and a night cream, so here are the five steps and products you need to achieve your best skincare regime. You can thank us later.

Step 1: Use an eye makeup remover or tonerWashing your face twice a day with a cleanser (yes, morning and night) is always your first skincare step to remove makeup, dirt, sweat and even, pollution. Now you need to follow up with an eye makeup remover/ toner to eliminate those leftover streaks of last night’s mascara. “Our skin is very intricate,” explains Patricia Bensimon, the national trainer for Nuxe. “Before applying any products, the face must be thoroughly clean.”
Try: Nuxe Rose Petals Gentle Toning Lotion, $20, Murale

Step 2: Use an exfoliator

Rubbing a granular or flaky-textured exfoliator onto your face twice a week is a great way to slough off dead skin cells, unwanted bumps, dry patches and excess oil build-up. It also helps turn your face into a clean, smooth canvas, which will aid your skin in absorbing the beneficial ingredients from heavier, treatment products like a facial mask.
Try: Lancôme, Exfoliance Confort Comforting Exfoliating Cream, Lancome

Step 3: Use a maskTypically used once or twice a week, masks help increase the skin’s permeability, allowing the ingredients of facial serums, creams and lotions to absorb more quickly and to work more intensely on the face. “They are like well-being baths for the skin,” affirms Marie-Claude Côté, the national training director for Clarins Canada. And the best part: there are masks for every skin type and skin condition.
Try: Shiseido, Benefiance Firming Massage Mask, $48, Shiseido

Step 4: Use a serum

Clarins serum

The undergarment of skincare, serums are super-hero skincare savers and should always be applied on a clean face morning and night before any of your other products. Why: so that their incredibly powerful ingredients can quickly soak into your pores and make your face glow. And all you need are a couple of drops.
Try: Super Restorative Serum, Clarins

Step 5: Use an eye creamYou’ve heard it a million times and it’s true: the skin around the eye area is delicate and needs extra TLC, day and night. That is, if you want to keep crow’s feet at bay. “An eye cream is very different from a day cream,” says Bensimon. “It focuses on protecting and moisturizing, decongestion and preventing premature aging.” Apply it after your serum and before your SPF-infused day cream or your night cream for maximum absorption.
Try: Rodial, Glamtox Eye SPF15, Murale

And don’t forget to use each product every single day and every single night. “Skincare is like a medication,” affirms Côté. “If you respect the dosage you will be happy with the results.”


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