Shu Uemura's new Tokyo Lash Bar

Famed eyelash guru Shu Uemura created dramatic makeup for 1950’s Hollywood starlets. And his legacy continues today with his third makeup counter in Canada, launched at Holt Renfrew in Toronto last week.

The products at the Tokyo Lash Bar (from feathery eyelashes to glistening lip glosses) were stunning as was the gleaming white counter. The brand is known for mixing, art, science and nature all together to create amazing lashes – from ones that look like lace to ones that are made with actual bird feathers, you’ll see these amazing pieces of art on display there as well. When the brand first comes to mind all I can think of are their stunning Swarovski crystal lashes but Shu actually started his business with great cleansing oils and skincare products that have quite the following.  So now we know where to get our fast fix for falsies and eyelash curlers. (His lash curler is a cult favourite – if you don’t have one, go get one! It’ll change your life, and the look of your peepers.) –Kate Daley