Shoestring Shopping Guide

I love a good bargain. Some people turn up their noses at buying things on sale – but not me. I’ll forgo a fancy store and coveted pink bag if I can find a beloved designer outfit for a more reasonable price. I’m not crazily devoted, but I may or may not have gone to the Barney’s sale in an L.A. airport hangar while on vacation and stripped down to my skivvies in public all for the sake of an amazing designer dress. (There were no changerooms and I’m devoted to a deal I tell ya. Plus, I also need to pay the rent.)

So, though I’m not an outlet shopper on a regular basis, I’m always up for a good sale. And that’s where the Shoestring Shopping Guide comes in.

The site is all about great deals and steals. It boasts a directory of GTA and Toronto factory outlet stores, discount outlets, and warehouse sales to help you balance your budget each month while looking stylish. And you can outfit your family and home while you’re at it.

Users can search by category, whether it be bridal, sportswear or even home stuff, gardening gear or appliances. There’s also a green section with deals for the eco-savvy. It’s not just a website with store listings – there is a researched paragraph on each and a link to individual maps, store hours and info. And of course a calendar run-down of all the major sales each month so you can prepare your plan of attack.

The newest addition to the site is called Clearance Corner. It’s an area that offers products from specific suppliers to followers of the website at a lower cost. Right now they have great sunglasses but stay tuned to the site for upcoming promotions.

You can also register for a weekly shopping newsletter to get the latest on the bargains. I’m going to try to check out the Garbo, Danier and Lundström sales in the future along with Chain Reaction Bicycles ­­– I’m in need of a new ride.

Sorry for those out of province- I will update you on more cross-Canada shopping news soon! 

–Kate Daley

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