Shoes + dog beds = great photo opps?

dog beds
Okay, so I know this might not exactly pertain to style but it does have to do with shoes! And on an overcast Tuesday sometimes you really just need a pick me up.  These are just so hilariously cute I had to post about them. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t necessarily advocate Crocs as footwear. They aren’t chic by any means and true fashionphiles understandably hate them.  I will allow that they are perfect for cottage purposes and rumour has it their flip flops are quite comfortable, but regardless, who came  up with the idea to make a giant one into a dog bed? Someone who has a good sense of humour.

Sasquatch dog beds, $100. Yes, this is a croc bed for your dog. My yellow lab is likely not small enough to actually fit into one of these numbers but I would totally shove her into it just to take funny pictures. They come in six colours and you can buy them online here. It sure looks comfortable doesn’t it?  Now if only Christian Louboutin could make one of his red-heeled numbers for my dog,  I’d be in heaven. – Kate Daley