Sears has Attitude

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Fashion week is always overwhelming. The crowds, the clothing, and of course the long hours. I’m still recovering. And yet there were a few shows that still stick out in my mind. (Mostly because as the shows come to an end I’m itching for some retail therapy.) While most of the garments on the runway were beautiful, they are far out of my price range at the moment unless I am game for a splurge. It was truly the lines like Joe Fresh and Sear’s Attitude that got me excited.   I must say, I was more than impressed with the newest offerings from Sears for spring. I’d seen a runway show of their fall line (we’ve shot some of their chic new items for upcoming issues so look out for them) and was impressed then but this show literally got me making a Sears-specific shopping list. Move over H&M, there’s a new cheap chic retailer in town. (Who would have thunk? It’s definitely not a place I would have gone to for trendy pieces before.) Check out some of the looks and you’ll be as psyched as I am for the affordable and trendy fashions that you can find across the country. – Kate Daley

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