Revlon's Fruitful Temptations

Remember how great the Mr. Sketch smelly markers were? How you could draw and smell fruity flavours all at once? Everyone had a favourite from their childhood. I loved the one that smelled something like blueberries. Well, they say, scents really bring you back.

That’s why Revlon‘s Fruitful Temptations really grabbed my attention. A bit gimicky but seriously, if you loved smelly markers, you’ll also fall for these nail polishes.

The enamels each come with a tropical scent to match your specific nail colour. How cool is that?

It doesn’t work until the product dries (I do not recommend smelling the actual product in the bottle – it does not give off the same effect), but when it dries it has a faint fruity scent that actually lasts. It also delivered great colour and didn’t leave my nails streaky. Plus, what a great conversation piece.

The shades and scents include: Coconut Crush, Mad about Mango, Pretty in Papaya, Raspberry Rapture, Passionate Fruit, No So-Blue-berry and Sublime Strawberry. They are also free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.

Try them out. I think they’re really fun and great for summer. Available for $6 at drugstores and mass-market retailers across Canada.

– Kate Daley