Retro watches come back into the future

Anything retro usually grabs my eye. Perhaps I should have been born in another time and place. Either way, I kind of love geek chic to a degree.  Check out this men’s Timex with Chronograph.

 TIMEX Classic Digital — Retro Digital watch, $70. Not only does it have the Indiglo Night Light feature (so handy) but it also has a stainless steel extension band (so groovy). It’s hilarious because these watches are re-emerging. From first glance they are ugly old men watches but somehow they are so retro cool that I want one. I can just picture my Dad rockin’ one of these with bell-bottoms and his side-burns. Or Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. Also on the site there are great comments from people who have bought these watches and absolutely love them… They just make me smile and ladies, you can totally wear them too. I’ll keep my eye out for more fun throwbacks.   On another random note, another watch that caught my eye was the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor. After completing my big triathlon this past weekend (okay, it wasn’t that big) I’m really into checking out new gear to help me improve my times. This watch has a digital heart rate monitor that you can upload onto your computer to log your training.  Now I’ll really have no excuses. (Love the watch for running/biking but this one’s only 100M water resistant so don’t use it for your swims!) Check it out for $170. –Kate Daley