Palmer's and the love of Chocolate


As I returned to my desk recently from a 3:30 pm Crispy Crunch run, I remembered a product line I’ve been meaning to blog: Palmer’s.

The brand is well known for its 160-year-old cocoa-butter formula, which is the foundation for a broad range of skincare lotions and creams, all decadently rich and ideal for soothing winter skin, but also for giving you glistening limbs in the warmer months when the sun, not the cold and wind, has dried you out. Palmer’s is also quick to laud cocoa butter’s healing attributes: Apparently it’s been used for centuries to soften skin, prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and combat blemishes – and it does feel quite delicious on. (If your hands are parched from pushing paper or your computer keyboard, this balm will surely alleviate your pain.)

The famous and infamous supermodel, Naomi Campbell, who undoubtedly has some of the most gorgeous skin going, swears by the stuff. “My mother had me smoothing in Palmer’s Cocoa Butter from a very early age,” reads the company’s press material. “Twice a day, I moisturize from top to toe. It’s the simple secret of sexy skin – you want to be touchable all over.”

Although the heavily chocolate-smelling creams have a high-profile fan base, they’re not elitist in any way when it comes to pricing. Far from it: Palmer’s 250-mL lotion retails for $6, while a 100-g perfectly purse-sized cream is $4.

So if you have a weakness for chocolate, you might want to check this out.

At Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Canadian Superstore, London Drugs, Overwaitea and Pharmaprix.

—Deborah Fulsang