Oh, fashion trends

alexander wang
Fashion trends come and go. Women like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn never fell prey to them. They were too busy creating the styles we still emulate today.  But I’m no Audrey Hepburn and I’m definitely no Coco Chanel.  I’m a trend follower. I always tell myself to stop buying new, flashy, ridiculous trends that I’ll hate next year but I just can’t control myself. (And I have the credit card bill to show for it.) It reminds me of that Reitman‘s commercial where the brand’s comfortable clothes always win against haute couture.  Except I’m on the opposite side. All I can think as I’m laughing my head off at those commercials is, but the other women is having more fun being attached my pigeons. Maybe? Click here to watch some hilarious Reitman’s videos. Clearly, I think there’s nothing wrong with following trends. But ideally I say that one should try to be a mixture of Lady Gaga (with pants of course) and Coco Chanel in her timeless tweeds (who would roll over in her grave to hear her mentioned in the same sentence as a woman who doesn’t wear shirts to award ceremonies.)  I got thinking about this topic when my friend sent me a photo of this Alexander Wang piece with the simple message: “EWWWWW.”   I love his designs and I say if you can pull it off, then more power to you. Someone might have seen Coco’s jersey dresses and thought the exact same thing. Stay tuned for more trendspotting to come. –Kate Daley