New Murale Opens Today!

benefit's ooh la la Benefit's Lemon Aid eyebrows pre-eyebrow benefit brow bar

Whether you love the luxurious lipsticks of YSL or covet the new Michael Kors fragrance, Murale has it all. I got the chance to check out the gleaming new store at the Shops at Don Mills yesterday and trust me, it didn’t disappoint.

Murale, a super upscale store by the creators of Shoppers Drug Mart, has other locations across the country but this is the first one in Toronto and I was lucky enough to get the chance to peruse before it opened. They had tons of my favourite brands: Stila, Bobbi Brown, Nars and the list just continued. And while I love sampling and testing all the products, this store has a bit more to offer. You can get a customized skin analysis by one of the Murale experts and they’ll give you a personalized program of products to use based on your hydration, sebum level, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and pore size. Not only that but they keep your profile on their system so you can do another test on your next visit and actually see if the products made a difference or not  how cool is that? I would love a personalized routine and the chance to see if it’s really making the difference that I’m looking for.

Plus, if you’re going to prom, getting married, or just want to get glam for the night you can get your makeup done using all of the beautiful rich colours from your favourite brands.

Last but not least, if you’re in need of a brow touch up you can get your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar.

I was in heaven. No need to book an appointment, you can just pop in and go. They also do other facial waxing, tweezing and it takes no time at all. So if you work nearby and want to pop over at lunch, there’s no doubt you’ll come back looking fabulous.

Here’s a lovely picture of me getting my brows done yesterday. (I love being a guinea pig and why not?)

After using their specialized wax (it doesn’t get very hot so there’s less redness and it’s pearlized!) they also put on some Lemon Aid to balance out any redness. Apparently this colour correcting eyelid primer is Madonna’s favourite and it really worked.

And then after doing up my brows they made my seriously tired eyes look awake with their Ooh La Lift Instant Undereye Brightening Boost. I didn’t even have to ask for it I think they just knew I’ve had a crazy week.

It opens today so go and check it out! It’s definitely worth the trek there.

– Kate Daley