My Tagalongs travel buddies

Whether you’re going on a road trip with the fam or jetting off for business, getting where you’re going isn’t always easy. I love being in different places, but hate getting there. But fun travel accessories can somehow lighten my mood. And for anyone who has loved ones on the move as I do, these are great gift ideas. Ever been standing by a luggage carousel only to see twenty black bags whirring around in front of you? Yeah, it happens all the time. I love fun luggage tags so you can spot your bag the second it drops down.  Whether you go for Tiffany’s ones (so cute!) or neon My Tagalongs, you’ve got to get one that grabs your attention. Not-Your-Bag Tags, $10 for a pack of 4 tags. Or if you like cuddling up while travelling long distances, try the Undercover Traveler. It has as plush blanket, a pocket for your iPod, an eye-mask, and comfy socks. $30.   How cute are these? You can put the statement on your eye mask so flight attendants know whether to disturb you. Nerdy but fun. Check it out at my Tagalongs website for places to buy ( Happy travels! –Kate Daley