My favourite new 'do

charles baker strahan tousle me softly the end result charles hair

When you get the chance to meet with a celebrity stylist like Charles Baker Strahan, you do not say no. As we chatted this week he told me about the latest clients he’s been working on: ahem, Leighton Meester anyone? Oh and did I mention that he’s gone on tour with Mariah? Yup. He’s a wealth of knowledge as the Herbal Essences celeb stylist and now I get to share all of it with you.

At our meeting, I asked him a few key questions: How do I get easy volume? And how do I rock the latest braid on every runway? His answers? For volume, you’ll have to read our upcoming spotlight story in the May issue. I can’t give away all the secrets! And for the braid? Oh, you just wait. My real concern was doing the braid seen on Alexander Wang‘s runway without looking like I was straight off of Little House on the Prairie. It’s definitely not a style you first think of as “sexy”. But fear not. “It’s all about not being too precious,” says Strahan. “You want texture, tonal variation and you want your hair to have natural movement.” Don’t try to get the perfect french braid – or you’ll end up looking like a schoolgirl.  First, give the hair some texture with Herbal Essence’s Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel ($4) and give it some volume with a curling iron if you have time. Mess it up with your fingers and then spray on some hairspray. Grab the pieces of your hair at the back and begin twisting while forming it into a loose braid. Mess it up a bit, making sure some pieces are pulled out a bit. Then once you’re halfway down your braid start to braid it around the side of your head and tie with a clear elastic. Wrap it around the end of the hair so it’s not sticking out. Then, using some larger bobby pins twist the hair around itself and pin it up. Tada, glamorous hair that took under ten minutes. See the fabulous results below.  It’s perfect sexy date night hair. If only we all had such talent.

I took home all of the Herbal Essences products he recommended – especially the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel below and will definitely use them on a regular basis. I never would have attempted a gel on my hair type but this gave it great texture and made it really easy to style without weighing it down. 

Plus, they smelled amazing.   

All in a day’s work. He’s pretty fabulous.

– Kate Daley