Moroccan oil

My 24-year-old male cousin is way ahead of the game. At a recent family get-together, he mentioned how soft and great his hair felt after getting it cut.

He told me that his hairdresser had used this stuff called Moroccan Oil.

Then my sister chimed in that her hairdresser had used the same stuff on her and it was fabulous.

I decided I had to try it and felt a little ashamed that I hadn’t heard of it first. But I love learning about things by word of mouth. So I booked myself an appointment at Exit Salon and Jan, a very entertaining Belgian stylist showed me how to use this new hair product.

The most important ingredient in this hair helper is argan oil, an expensive oil that comes the berries of the argan tree in Morocco. It has apparently been used by Moroccans for years as a way to strengthen nails and hair.

It’s rich in vitamin E, great for repairing the hair, along with vitamin A and Omega 6 to moisturize and protect it. The product’s not just made of argan oil though – it would be far too heavy – other hair technology and oils are used to produce the final concoction.

MOROCCANOIL® Treatment $39/100ml.

So what’s the product like? The texture is not greasy – Jan told me to rub it on my hands and it was actually moisturizing without feeling sticky. He also told me it acts as a water repellant so hair dries quicker. Plus, it helps to fill in the gaps on your hair shaft, and thus evens out the damaged areas of your hair, increasing shine.

After applying a Moroccan oil hair mask and using some of the oil treatment before blow drying I was fearful that my hair would end up slick and flat. Just the opposite happened in fact. My hair felt soft but it wasn’t weighed down or dried out – even after an intense blowout. It wasn’t flat or oily by the next day either. Turns out this Moroccan oil craze might be catching on for a reason.

But how to use it? I had the same question. My hair can get limp quickly so the idea of an oil turned me off a bit.-

Here’s what I learned:

First, wash hair and towel dry.

Use about a quarter-sized dose before combing out your hair as it will help detangle it. Rub the product in your hands and apply from roots to ends, but concentrate on the ends especially if your hair is very fine.

It’s great to put on before using hot styling tools as it protects hair from up to 400-degree heat.

Another great tip: Use it before swimming. Wet hair with tap water, apply the oil and then throw on a bathing cap. This is a trick that protects your hair from drying chlorine and I’m definitely planning to use it the next time I head to the pool.

Check out The Moroccan oil website for salons across the country that sell the product or if you want to try out this lovely product and buy some for yourself.

– Kate Daley