Matthew Williamson for H&M

Get out your most fashionable running shoes ‘ designer Matthew Williamson’s line for H&M hits stores tomorrow morning. I have no doubt there will be many clothing racks knocked over and some credit card-related mayhem.

Admittedly, his stuff is gorgeous. He cites global travel as his inspiration and you can definitely see it in the eclectic prints, eye-popping colours and interesting cuts. Williamson’s created everything from a silky jumpsuit to a peacock-inspired shift dress with some funky accessories to boot.

Leather biker jacket, $250. Long Ruffle Dress, $350.

Personally, I’m vying for the grey leather jacket above with gold detailing but I’m not sure if I have sharp enough elbows to snap up that purchase. (Okay I do, but I may not.) Thus far, H&M has collaborated with the likes of Stella McCartney, Commes des Garsons Rei Kawakubo, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf and Roberto Cavalli. Not too shabby for the Swedish-based retailer that has swept it’s cheap and chic fashions across the globe.

Dress, $100.

Though Williamson’s line is not the usual H&M prices, it’s an amazing steal for designer wear. Check it out if you dare at over 200 stores across Canada. Go on the H&M website and you can click on the styles you’re looking for. It will tell you which store in your area has the line.

The second part of his collection hits stores May 14th so if you miss the first round you still have a chance to snag some of the coveted pieces!

– Kate Daley