Makeup technology I can vouch for

I have been waiting with bated breath for our February issue to hit stands so I could elaborate on Lancôme‘s Oscillation PowerFoundation. And finally it’s here! (So go pick it up! There’s a cheesecake on the front that’s to die for. I’m definitely going to attempt it for Valentine’s Day.) And back to my favourite new foundation. It is so fabulous I can’t even tell you – but I’ll try.

Enter vibrating foundation. If you weren’t sold on the vibrating mascara then maybe this product will convince you. The sponge top has a mini motor inside that creates subtle vibration, giving skin a lovely finish without clumping in certain areas like other mineral foundations. There’s also less mess – the applicator fits inside of the egg-like container so it’s all compact and ready to go with you instead of lugging along messy powder jars and big kabuki brushes.  The texture of my skin has changed since I started using it. (The company claims that the micro-vibration helps deliver more ingredients into the skin.) Either way,  there’s a lot less mess and a lot less fuss so it sold me immediately. Now my foundation routine takes me seconds instead of minutes and it really covers. The only thing I would change is the sponge. I have cleaned it with a sanitizer spray (which they didn’t recommend) and would ideally wash it once a week but am afraid to because of the battery in the top. You can buy replacement sponges at the Lancôme counter but I wish it was a bit easier. Try the foundation out for yourself. I know it might seem pricey at $65 but it is so worth it!  – Kate Daley