Makeover your makeup bag

Breathe life into your look and your makeup bag with these expert tips

1. Out with the old
Products that are past their prime won’t do your face justice, says Vancouver-based makeup artist Jon Hennessey. “Most cosmetics have a symbol of a little cream pot on the back,” he says. “Inside you’ll see the number of months that the product may be used for, after opening.” Generally speaking, the less moisture a product contains, the longer it will last. So, when purchasing, consider that a powder foundation (18 months) will outlive a liquid (six months).

2. In with the new
Splurging on a few quality cosmetics that you can use on different areas of your face makes more sense than buying lots of mediocre products. Always look for high-intensity colour, says Hennessey. “It’s worth investing in a product with a more saturated pigment – you can always spread it out with a translucent powder or gloss – it will look better and go further in the end.” So opt for brighter eyeshadows or lip colours that can be tamed with a light gloss or blended with a shimmery powder, that way you’ll get more wear out of a trendy tone.

3. Brush up
Applying makeup with a brush doesn’t just give you a polished look — brushes distribute your makeup more evenly, using less product. A few key brushes will make a big difference. Hennessey says a cylindrical foundation brush “allows you to apply product with in a circular motion so you are blending while you apply” and an eyeshadow blending brush is perfect for concealer because “you can apply increased pressure for opaque coverage in the areas where you need it most.” A shorthaired flat eyeliner brush allows you to apply eyeliners and shadows with precision.

4. Get primed
“Unless your skin looks its best, your make up won’t either,” says Hennessey. “A primer will create a blendable surface on the skin, further reducing the cosmetics you’ll need to apply.” A good primer will give you a glowing clear complexion which means you can sometimes forgo foundation altogether, says Chase Aston, celebrity make-up artist and spokesperson for The Body Shop. Apply with a foundation brush after you have cleansed, toned and moisturized.

5. Keep it clean
Taking care of your tools will increase their life span, says Hennessey. Wash your brushes weekly with a gentle shampoo. Lay with the tips hanging over a countertop or the side of the sink so that the air can circulate beneath them and the bristles won’t dry flat. Store makeup in a cool dry place to help extend its life.