M.A.C's sugary delights

I think it’s pretty clear that I like sugar and confectionary-inspired treats. So does Deb. Hell, I think it’s ingrained in the female DNA. And now M.A.C Cosmetics, a staple in every makeup artist’s kit, has come out with a Sugarsweet line of products in stores now. I’m such a sucker for cute packaging but these products are also great for spring. They are perfectly in sync with makeup trends for the season and we like them for a good old-fashioned Easter brunch. Shadestick in lemon chiffon, $20. Some of the top trends on the European runways for spring include sorbet colours such as violet, lilac, peach, and pistachio. Picture an ice cream parlour colliding with a cupcake shop and there you have it. But while I love a tasteful hint of pastel, don’t go overboard with frosty products as they can age you or make you look like you’re channeling Hannah Montana (in a bad way). Stick with one pastel per day: Try a coral lip, a lilac-lined eye, or even a touch of pink on both the eyes and cheeks as long as you’re careful not to overdo it. Keep everything light, angelic and romantic to avoid overload. 

I really like beachy turquoise tones on the eyes for nighttime ‘ try the M.A.C Aquavert Eye Shadow ($17) smudged with an eyeliner brush a bit above or below the eyes and watch your eyes pop, no matter what their colour. Or if you’re really going wild (and not to a conservative dinner, eek) then try layering different shades of blue for an 80s style kick. The tri-coloured lipglass above in Simply Delicious ($21) really caught my eye because of its triple tones. It lets the colours meld together on your lips so you get a hint of all three and the different pearl combinations add great texture to the product. Plus, it just looks cool.  And of course, don’t forget a lovely peach nail polish to look prim and proper while donning your Easter bonnet.  The M.A.C Sugarsweet collection is in stores now and ranges from $13’$30.

– Kate Daley