Lush's Big Hair Affair

  Check out Lush Cosmetics Big Hair Affair Pack. As soon as it landed on my desk, people started stopping by to snoop into the container. It looks like a lunchbox but it’s filled with delicious little soaps and serums for your hair. It’s a customizable kit that’ll cost you a mere $15. In it you’ll find three shampoos, two conditioners, one hair treatment and one styling gel, all customized to your type of hair. I’m psyched to try the H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment that has some of my favourite foods in it: avocado, bananas, and olive oil. There are also two solid shampoos that are perfect for travelling (and going through airport security) and again, you can pick them based on your hair type. Plus,  the styling gel in here is vegan. It’s available in stores now for a limited time so check it out at the 44 locations across Canada. –Kate Daley

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