Lunching with L'Occitane

new offerings from l'occitane l'occitane lunch
This job has its perks. I recently got the opportunity to join Olivier Bassaun, the founder of French beauty product company to discuss some of their newest beauty treats and their expansion plans into Canada. (And trust me, if you’re a big L’Occitane fan you’ll be as excited as I am!)

Started in 1976, the company draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and uses rich essential oils and as many organics as possible. The company also tracks where each ingredient comes from. (They source shea butter from Burkina Faso to name one example.)

Olivier explained the products he loved and why he wanted to share the experience of Provence with the world. Um, thank you! He also told the lunchers about why he chooses the natural ingredients they do from around the world. There are many skincare benefits to lavender, organic olive oil and their Immortelle ingredient the Corsican maquis (a fragrant shrub). So not only do their products smell delicious and natural but the ingredients will work wonders on your skin.

Check out their new shea butter creams below.

And I’m glad I got the chance to meet him before the grand opening of the L’Occitane store in Toronto at 102 Bloor St West last night. The new concept store was inspired by a greenhouse to work with the nature theme of the brand. There are new testing stations for candles, skincare and fragrance. And it just gave me an excuse to go and peruse these lovely products that have a cult following. See that shea butter hand cream above? The vanilla one is a staple in my purse for the drying fall weather.

They also have some classic beautiful gifting for Christmas if you’re already searching.

-Kate Daley